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(of the nose) shaped like an eagle’s beak; hooked.
of or like the eagle.
Contemporary Examples

aquiline nose, face long and aristocratic, voice deep and vibrant.
Mel Brooks Is Always Funny and Often Wise in This 1975 Playboy Interview Alex Belth February 15, 2014

Historical Examples

She had an eagle eye, an aquiline nose, an eagle flounce, and an eagle heart.
Fighting the Flames R.M. Ballantyne

There was something so unyielding in the keen, aquiline nose and pointed chin.
The Golden Woman Ridgwell Cullum

He had a broad forehead, an aquiline nose, a well formed chin, and a complexion bronzed by exposure to the Indian sun.
The Wandering Jew, Complete Eugene Sue

It was not an aquiline nose, nor was it an aquiline nose reversed.
Jacob Faithful Captain Frederick Marryat

Above a square chin were full lips and a thin, aquiline nose.
Polaris of the Snows Charles B. Stilson

His nose was aquiline and well cut, but the suggestion of his nationality was elusive.
The Secret Witness George Gibbs

His face was small and aquiline; not the face of a clever man, but clearly the face of an aristocrat.
The Last Hope Henry Seton Merriman

His nose was aquiline, his eyes piercing and his eyebrows heavy.
Gospel Philosophy J. H. Ward

It is made of heavy brass, and curiously enough represents Buddha with an aquiline nose.
Buddhism, In its Connexion With Brahmanism and Hinduism, and In Its Contrast with Christianity Sir Monier Monier-Williams

(of a nose) having the curved or hooked shape of an eagle’s beak
of or resembling an eagle

“curved like an eagle’s beak,” 1640s, originally in English in reference to long, hooked noses, from Latin aquilinus “of or like an eagle,” from aquila “eagle,” of uncertain origin, usually explained as “the dark bird;” cf. aquilus “blackish, of the color of darkness.”


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