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a citizen or resident of the U.S. of Arab birth or descent.
of or relating to an Arab-American.
Contemporary Examples

A Coptic Christian from Egypt, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula is an Arab-American Christian like me.
This Islamophobe Is An Arab-American Christian Like Me Anna Lekas Miller September 16, 2012

But they do not define the Arab-American community any more than the elephant’s tail or leg define the elephant.
We Already Are Politically “Normalized” James Zogby November 12, 2012

But who in their right mind would prefer such crucial agencies to have no Arab-American input and be run entirely by others?
Arab Americans Need Political Normalization Hussein Ibish November 11, 2012

In every case they got where they did completely on their own and in spite, not because, of their Arab-American identity.
Arab Americans Need Political Normalization Hussein Ibish November 11, 2012

Traditional Arab-American approaches emphasized history, justice, international law and human rights.
Palestine’s Washington Showcase Hussein Ibish September 30, 2013

Almost everyone active in ATFP had a significant history of prior Arab-American activism.
Palestine’s Washington Showcase Hussein Ibish September 30, 2013

As an Arab-American (and human being) I have complex feelings about the state of Israel.
“Ameer Got His Gun”: Not Challenging Any Narratives Briggette Sayegh November 18, 2012

Oddly, the NYPD tried to secretly place an undercover officer on the board of the Arab-American Association of NY.
Hey NYPD, Being Muslim Isn’t a Crime Dean Obeidallah August 28, 2013

Now 66 years old, Odeh works as the Associate Director of the Arab-American Action Network (AAAN).
Prominent Palestinian-American Community Activist Arrested Anna Lekas Miller October 31, 2013

Arab-American critics, fluent in both cultures, argue that cultural flattery—and even racial politics—are at play.
Boston Irish Girl Jennifer Grout Is The Unexpected Star Of ‘Arabs Got Talent’ Michael Pizzi December 4, 2013


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