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Arabian gulf

an arm of the Arabian Sea, between SW Iran and Arabia. 600 miles (965 km) long.
Historical Examples

The same observations apply to Adule, the harbour on the Arabian Gulf.
A Manual of Ancient History A. H. L. (Arnold Hermann Ludwig) Heeren

The Troglodytica extended along the western side of the Arabian Gulf, from about the 19th degree of latitude to beyond the strait.
The Geography of Strabo, Volume III (of 3) Strabo

Strabo says nearly 15,000 stadia; and this length may be considered just equal to that of the Arabian Gulf.
The Geography of Strabo, Volume I (of 3) Strabo

The Arabian Gulf lies eastward parallel to the said meridian.
The Geography of Strabo, Volume I (of 3) Strabo

The name was subsequently given to the Arabian Gulf exclusively.
The Anabasis of Alexander Arrian of Nicomedia

I brought them to the sea-coast at Arsinoe, and carried them up the Arabian Gulf in five of the small boats of the country.
The Last of the Legions and Other Tales of Long Ago Arthur Conan Doyle

a shallow arm of the Arabian Sea between SW Iran and Arabia: linked with the Arabian Sea by the Strait of Hormuz and the Gulf of Oman; important for the oilfields on its shores. Area: 233 000 sq km (90 000 sq miles)

Arm of the Indian Ocean between Arabia and Iran.

Note: The Persian Gulf oil fields are among the most productive in the world.

Note: The Persian Gulf region was dominated by Britain for most of the twentieth century. After Britain’s withdrawal in the late 1960s, the United States and the Soviet Union competed for influence in the region. (See Persian Gulf War.)


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