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capable of producing crops; suitable for farming; suited to the plow and for tillage:
arable land; arable soil.
land that can be or is cultivated.
(of land) being or capable of being tilled for the production of crops
of, relating to, or using such land: arable farming
arable land or farming

early 15c., “suitable for plowing” (as opposed to pasture- or wood-land), from Old French arable (12c.), from Latin arabilis, from arare “to plow,” from PIE *are- “to plow” (cf. Greek aroun, Old Church Slavonic orja, Lithuanian ariu “to plow;” Gothic arjan, Old English erian, Middle Irish airim, Welsh arddu “to plow;” Old Norse arþr “a plow”). Replaced by late 18c. native erable, from Old English erian “to plow,” from the same PIE source.


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