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Arachnida A·rach·ni·da (ə-rāk’nĭ-də)
A class of arthropods that includes spiders, scorpions, mites, and ticks.
Historical Examples

Contributions to the knowledge of the life history of arachnida.
The Biotic Associations of Cockroaches Louis M. Roth

On the contrary, this particular point is one in which they agree with the higher arachnida.
Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 2, Slice 3 Various

In arachnida, Myriapoda, and probably also Insecta, the body cavity is primitively prolonged into the limbs.
The Works of Francis Maitland Balfour, Volume II (of 4) Francis Maitland Balfour

All arachnida, including Limulus, feed by suctorial action in essentially the same way as Scorpio.
Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 2, Slice 3 Various

Even towards the nearer provinces of the Myriopoda and arachnida I can find no bridge.
Our Common Insects Alpheus Spring Packard

Formerly it was regarded as a crustacean; now it is classed by some authors with the arachnida, along with scorpions and spiders.
The Sea-beach at Ebb-tide Augusta Foote Arnold

In defining the arachnida I shall only mention those particulars in which they differ from Insect in their external anatomy.
An Introduction to Entomology: Vol. III (of 4) William Kirby

These have small and insignificant rami, or none at all, a feature in which the arachnida differ from them.
Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 2, Slice 6 Various

These, though somewhat connected with the rotifers, are considered to belong to a low division of the arachnida (spiders, &c.).
Marvels of Pond-life Henry J. Slack

The next type of form with regard to the oral organs is that of the arachnida.
An Introduction to Entomology: Vol. III (of 4) William Kirby


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  • Arachnidism

    arachnidism arachnidism a·rach·nid·ism (ə-rāk’nĭ-dĭz’əm) n. Systemic poisoning following the bite of a spider.

  • Arachnodactyly

    arachnodactyly arachnodactyly a·rach·no·dac·ty·ly (ə-rāk’nō-dāk’tə-lē) n. A condition in which the hands and fingers, and often the feet and toes, are abnormally long and slender, characteristic of Marfan syndrome.

  • Arachnoid

    resembling a spider’s web. of or belonging to the arachnids. Anatomy. of or relating to the arachnoid membrane. Botany. formed of or covered with long, delicate hairs or fibers. an arachnid. Anatomy. the serous membrane forming the middle of the three coverings of the brain and spinal cord. Historical Examples Meanwhile, we’re disgorging the arachnoid […]

  • Arachnoid granulation

    arachnoid granulation arachnoid granulation n. Any of numerous villuslike projections of the cranial arachnoid through the dura into the superior sagittal sinus or into its lateral venous lacunae. Also called arachnoid villus, pacchionian body.

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