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any of various plants of the genus Aralia and related genera, several of which are cultivated as houseplants or have been used medicinally.
Historical Examples

aralia was only the name of a bit of fossil kind of a stick that Merrifield had us down there to find in the fossil forest.
The Long Vacation Charlotte M. Yonge

Plant out aralia, Canella, Magnolia, and other ornamental trees.
Flowers and Flower-Gardens David Lester Richardson

aralia knew what class of vessel each was by its rig; her best of uncles had taught her.
Crusoes of the Frozen North Gordon Stables

When aralia said, “Yes,” so did Pansy, but both looked very quiet.
Crusoes of the Frozen North Gordon Stables

aralia Sieboldi, however, seldom flowers in this climate, either in or out of doors.
Hardy Perennials and Old Fashioned Flowers John Wood

Please, sir, I think we’ll find your aralia next spring-tide.
The Long Vacation Charlotte M. Yonge

aralia and Pansy were wild with delight, and Pansy said she would now be able to sleep without ugly dreams.
Crusoes of the Frozen North Gordon Stables

The plant is larger than aralia racemosa, but otherwise is very much like it.
Ginseng and Other Medicinal Plants A. R. (Arthur Robert) Harding

aralia clapped her hands and cried: “Just too jolly for anything!”
Crusoes of the Frozen North Gordon Stables

aralia hispida (bristly sarsaparilla), on West Branch, both years.
The Maine Woods Henry David Thoreau

any plant of the genus Aralia of trees, shrubs, and herbaceous plants. The greenhouse and house plant generally known as aralia is Schefflera elegantissima of a related genus, grown for its decorative evergreen foliage: family Araliaceae


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