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a Semite of the division associated with .
(def 1).
Historical Examples

To aid them in the conflict they called in certain of the Aramean princes in the north.
Biblical Geography and History Charles Foster Kent

One sort has in place of the Greek lettering an Aramean inscription.
The American Journal of Archaeology, 1893-1 Various

In course of time, Arabic replaced the Aramean dialect, and became the lingua franca of the Jews.
Chapters on Jewish Literature Israel Abrahams

His biographers make him cite translations in the Aramean language.
The Worlds Greatest Books, Volume XIII. Various

Many of these peculiar words are Aramean; that is, they are words current in the Aramean branch of the Shemitic languages.
Companion to the Bible E. P. Barrows

Moreover, many of these states were actually dependent on the Hittite princes, though inhabited by an Aramean people.
The Hittites A. H. Sayce

The coinage of the kings of Sidon were frequently imitated by the Aramean chiefs, of whom Bagoas was one.
The American Journal of Archaeology, 1893-1 Various

The qar’na (horn, κέρας) and sab’ka (σαμβύκη) are in root both Greek and Aramean.
The Expositor’s Bible: The Book of Daniel F. W. Farrar

Wellhausen throws doubt on the idea that Heliopolis was at this time an Aramean town.
The Expositor’s Bible: The Book of the Twelve Prophets, Vol. I George Adam Smith

Damascus, attacked in the rear by a northern Aramean people, was unable to cope with the Israelite armies.
Biblical Geography and History Charles Foster Kent


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