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Contemporary Examples

The following day, another school shooting at Arapahoe High School added to our tally.
This Gun Nut Says Most School Shootings Aren’t Real Brandy Zadrozny June 11, 2014

But mostly he sat up straight, staring ahead as three Arapahoe County sheriffs deputies monitored him closely.
Aurora Cops Relive the Horror at James Holmes Hearing Christine Pelisek January 7, 2013

He was also reportedly enrolled at Arapahoe Community College.
Arrest Made in Jessica Ridgeway’s Murder Christine Pelisek October 23, 2012

Friday Dec 13 brought reports of yet another school shooting, this one at Arapahoe High School, in Centennial, CO.
The School Shootings You Didn’t Hear About—One Every Two Weeks Since Newtown Brandy Zadrozny December 11, 2013

Historical Examples

Sending for Gen. Cook, who was then sheriff of Arapahoe county, she told him the story of the shooting so far as she was able.
Hands Up; or Thirty-Five Years of Detective Life in the Mountains and on the Plains D. J. Cook

Distinctions of the social sort were few in Arapahoe County.
They of the High Trails Hamlin Garland

Away up the valley the voices of the children in the Arapahoe village rose gleefully on the air.
Lanier of the Cavalry Charles King

From 1864 to 1870 there was trouble with the Cheyenne and Arapahoe Indians.
Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 6, Slice 6 Various

They reached the Arapahoe village in safety, where they found thirty of their warriors ready to accompany them as a guard.
The American Family Robinson D. W. Belisle

The next morning, as we were leaving our encampment, a number of Arapahoe Indians were discovered.
The Exploring Expedition to the Rocky Mountains, Oregon and California Brevet Col. J.C. Fremont


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