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the lord of Annwfn.
Historical Examples

They were the hounds of Arawn, a crowned king in the land of Annwn, the shadow-land of Hades.
British Goblins Wirt Sikes

It turned out that the stranger was Arawn, a king in Fairyland.
Welsh Fairy Tales William Elliott Griffis

After dinner, and the evening story telling were over, and it was time to go to bed, Arawn’s wife was surprised in double measure.
Welsh Fairy Tales William Elliott Griffis

This done, Powell rode away to the trysting place in a glen, and there he met Arawn, as had been appointed.
Welsh Fairy Tales William Elliott Griffis

Arawn’s beautiful wife was evidently not in the secret, for she greeted Powell as her own husband.
Welsh Fairy Tales William Elliott Griffis

Now at Anwyn, no one but Arawn himself knew that anything unusual had taken place.
Welsh Fairy Tales William Elliott Griffis

At this answer, Arawn was overcome with surprise, and as struck with admiration at having so good a friend.
Welsh Fairy Tales William Elliott Griffis

We are informed that these dogs belonged to Arawn, or the silver-tongued King of Annwn, of the lower or southern regions.
Welsh Folk-Lore Elias Owen

Even though Arawn spoke to her three times, he received no reply.
Welsh Fairy Tales William Elliott Griffis

Arawn obtains the help of Pwyll by exchanging kingdoms with him for a year, and Pwyll defeats Hafgan.
The Religion of the Ancient Celts J. A. MacCulloch


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