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late 14c., from Anglo-French arbitrour, Old French arbitreor (13c.), from Old French arbitrer (see arbitrage).


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  • Arbitress

    a woman who is an arbiter. Historical Examples Be the arbitress of my fate, you can make me happy or miserable for ever; into what dearer hands can I commit such a trust? Dangerous Connections, v. 1, 2, 3, 4 Pierre Choderlos de Laclos He had to break the tidings of his sister’s marriage to […]

  • Arbitrium

    at pleasure; at will. Historical Examples The terminus is always a known and definite point: it is not accidental, nor dependent upon the arbitrium of the mover. Aristotle George Grote The “arbitrium popularis auræ” was pleased to declare itself against ears and tails. Every Boy’s Book: A Complete Encyclopdia of Sports and Amusements Various

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    Madame Frances, . noun See d’Arblay

  • Madame darblay

    Madame Frances, . Charles, 1726–1814, English organist, composer, and music historian. his daughter, Frances or Fanny (Madame D’Arblay) 1752–1840, English novelist and diarist. noun Charles. 1726–1814, English composer and music historian, whose books include A General History of Music (1776–89) his daughter, Frances. known as Fanny; married name Madame D’Arblay. 1752–1840, English novelist and diarist: […]

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