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a tree.
the US spelling of arbour
a rotating shaft in a machine or power tool on which a milling cutter or grinding wheel is fitted
a rotating shaft or mandrel on which a workpiece is fitted for machining
(metallurgy) a part, piece, or structure used to reinforce the core of a mould

c.1300, herber, “herb garden,” from Old French erbier “field, meadow; kitchen garden,” from Latin herba “grass, herb” (see herb). Later “a grassy plot” (early 14c., a sense also in Old French), “a shaded nook” (mid-14c.). Probably not from Latin arbor “tree,” though perhaps influenced by its spelling.

The change from er- to ar- before consonants in Middle English also reflects a pronunciation shift: cf. farm from ferme, harbor from Old English herebeorg.

arbor ar·bor (är’bər)
n. pl. ar·bo·res (är’bə-rēz’)
A treelike anatomical structure.


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