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any of the evergreen shrubs or trees belonging to the genus Arbutus, of the heath family, especially A. unedo, of southern Europe, with scarlet berries, cultivated for ornament and food.
Historical Examples

It is wild, with heath and arbutus scrub and a sort of myrtle, breast-high.
Sea and Sardinia D. H. Lawrence

Yes; and I took your hint about the arbutus leaves, too, doctor.
Sir Brook Fossbrooke, Volume I. Charles James Lever

There is a sort of track through chestnut and myrtle and arbutus with scarlet fruit against the sky.
Ruskin Relics W. G. Collingwood

Killarney, the region of the arbutus, boasts of no such tree as this.
A Tour in Ireland Arthur Young

I promised David I’d come home for arbutus and the inspiration came to go home for the whole spring and summer.
Patchwork Anna Balmer Myers

Fancy living where you never saw any arbutus or had the joy of picking them.
Patchwork Anna Balmer Myers

Trewhella met them, stepping suddenly out from a grove of arbutus trees, a thunderous figure.
Carnival Compton Mackenzie

Their charms do not abide with you as do those of the arbutus.
The Wit of a Duck and Other Papers John Burroughs

At the hedge, he added: “I’d like to put a bit of arbutus in your buttonhole, for your May.”
The Happy Venture Edith Ballinger Price

Sometimes they have sprays of arbutus in their buttonholes, or bunches of hepatica.
The Wit of a Duck and Other Papers John Burroughs

noun (pl) -tuses
any of several temperate ericaceous shrubs of the genus Arbutus, esp the strawberry tree of S Europe. They have clusters of white or pinkish flowers, broad evergreen leaves, and strawberry-like berries
See trailing arbutus


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