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Arc cot

arc cotangent


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  • Arc csc

    . arc cosecant

  • Arc de triomphe

    an arch, located in Paris, begun in 1806 by Napoleon in honor of his victorious armies and completed in 1836. The unknown soldier of France and the eternal flame were placed beneath the arch after World War I. Contemporary Examples One can even rent out the villa here or wander down from the Arc de […]

  • Arc furnace

    a furnace in which heat is generated by an electric arc. Historical Examples Elihu Thomson’s process of welding by means of the arc furnace found wide and varied applications. The Age of Invention Holland Thompson noun a furnace in which the charge is heated by an electric arc

  • Arcform

    noting a type of cargo-ship construction in which the sides have the form of so drawn that the greatest breadth is at load waterline, the purpose being to promote the flow of water to the propeller with an easy bilge and without loss of capacity.

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