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Contemporary Examples

In fairness, Arcady has put this misapprehension in context.
A Horror Story of True-Life Anti-Semitism in France Tracy McNicoll April 27, 2014

Historical Examples

To Hermione the thin sound of the reed-flute always had suggested Arcady.
The Call of the Blood Robert Smythe Hichens

It was an hour in Arcady––just one hour without past or future.
The Bondwoman Marah Ellis Ryan

This “bank-note world,” to them, is Arcady, and their lives are sweet and simple as pastoral hymns!
Daisy’s Necklace Thomas Bailey Aldrich

It is a Siberian Arcady; but an Arcady without its poetic romance.
Some Heroes of Travel W. H. Davenport Adams

I don’t know where Arcady is, but it is a pretty sounding place.
The Ranch Girls’ Pot of Gold Margaret Vandercook

The scene is laid in Arcady and at Westminster; time, between 1700 and 1882.
The Standard Light Operas George Upton

Little Arcady did not know what he could do, but it had faith that he would do something if he were pushed hard enough.
The Boss of Little Arcady Harry Leon Wilson

It is a veritable Flute of Arcady blown with a breath of joy.
Birds and Nature Vol. 11 No. 4 [April 1902] Various

But my Arcady, as you will see, is none the less tolerably broad and eclectic in its limits.
Science in Arcady Grant Allen


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