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Theology. a chief or principal angel; in medieval angelology one of the nine orders of celestial attendants on God.
Compare (def 1).
(def 1).
Russian Arkhangelsk. a seaport in the NW Russian Federation in Europe, on Dvina Bay.
Gulf of, former name of .
Contemporary Examples

Religion, mythology, and history were plundered for nouns; hence, names like archangel, St. George, Roland, Mars, Valkyrie.
Why Is the Libya War Called Operation Odyssey Dawn? Josh Dzieza March 21, 2011

Alas, I don’t think a direct message from the archangel Michael himself would do that trick.
Nate Silver is a Nerd – And He Does Math! Justin Green October 29, 2012

archangel By Andrea Barrett Five stories in the age of modern science from a National Book Award winner.
This Week’s Hot Reads: ‘The Bridge of Beyond,’ ‘The Virgins,’ ‘Holy Orders’ Sarah Stodola August 11, 2013

Two days later, at a newspaper kiosk in archangel, he bought a copy of Pravda.
When Stalin Met Lady Macbeth Brian Moynahan November 8, 2014

a principal angel, a member of the order ranking immediately above the angels in medieval angelology
another name for angelica (sense 1)
yellow archangel, a Eurasian herbaceous plant (Lamiastrum luteum) that has yellow helmet-shaped flowers: family Lamiaceae (labiates)
a bronze-coloured breed of domestic pigeon with black markings
a port in NW Russia, on the Dvina River: major centre for the timber trade and White Sea fisheries. Pop: 345 000 (2005 est) Russian name Arkhangelsk

late 12c., from Old French archangel (12c.) or directly from Late Latin archangelus, from Greek arkhangelos “chief angel,” from arkh- “chief, first” (see archon) + angelos (see angel). Replaced Old English heah encgel.

(1Thess. 4:16; Jude 1:9), the prince of the angels.


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