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a title of the sovereign princes of the former ruling house of Austria.
Contemporary Examples

I was born in Brooklyn on June 28, 1926, the 12th anniversary of the blowing up of archduke Ferdinand of Austria.
Mel Brooks Is Always Funny and Often Wise in This 1975 Playboy Interview Alex Belth February 15, 2014

They knew the Bosnians had targeted the Austrian archduke Ferdinand.
The Middle East’s Murder Messages Christopher Dickey January 4, 2014

A century ago today, archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary embarked on his fatal journey to Sarajevo.
Wounds of World War I Have Yet to Heal Michael F. Bishop June 27, 2014

So the bullet that Gavrilo Princip fired at old archduke Ferdinand in Sarajevo (a redolent place-name) goes on echoing.
Lessons from Another War Christopher Buckley November 11, 2009

Historical Examples

I gathered together a goodly number of friends to assist the archduke Albert in Flanders: bought horses, and laid in powder.
It Might Have Been Emily Sarah Holt

The gipsy was a soldier, and on his being admitted, the archduke asked him what he had to say.
Chatterbox, 1906 Various

The public never knew the splendid qualities of the archduke, and misjudged him accordingly.
In the World War Count Ottokar Czernin

The archduke had left the Holy Land and returned home some time before.
Richard I Jacob Abbott

Princes and pages formed a line, the archduke Rudolph took off his hat, and the Empress made the first salutation.
Life of Beethoven Anton Schindler

He immediately sent to Leopold, the archduke, and claimed the prisoner as his.
Richard I Jacob Abbott

a chief duke, esp (since 1453) a prince of the Austrian imperial dynasty

1520s, from Middle French and Old French archeduc, from Merovingian Latin archiducem (c.750); see arch- + duke (n.). Formerly the title of the rulers of Austrasia, Lorraine, Brabant, and Austria; later the titular dignity of the sons of the Emperor of Austria. Related: Archducal; archduchy.


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