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a specialist in , the scientific study of prehistoric peoples and their cultures by analysis of their artifacts, inscriptions, monuments, etc.
Contemporary Examples

Neil Oliver, an archeologist working on the program, said this was one of the most remarkable findings in archeological history.
Scientists Find Remains of Alfred The Great Or King Edward The Elder Nico Hines January 16, 2014

Reading this book, it seems like your approach was less that of a historian than that of an archeologist.
David Stockman on ‘The Great Deformation’ and Our Economic Doom Daniel Gross March 31, 2013

Collins is an archeologist of the imagination, turning over every stone of possibility as he moves through the poem.
Why Billy Collins Is America’s Most Popular Poet Austen Rosenfeld October 21, 2013

She did not plan to be a model for too long, she said: “I will do it for a bit and then get a real job as an archeologist.”
Is 9-Year-Old Russian Model Kristina Pimenova Too Sexualized? Anna Nemtsova December 11, 2014

Historical Examples

“We don’t know why Ron Val joined Sarkoff,” the archeologist answered.
Planet of the Gods Robert Moore Williams

Her father was an archeologist, I believe, and it runs in the family.
The Riddle of the Mysterious Light Mary E. Hanshew

An archeologist may suggest a solution of a problem which hopelessly puzzles the lexicographer or grammarian.
The Covenant of Salt Henry Clay Trumbull

Usher, the archeologist, looked suddenly at him, then looked at Thulon.
Planet of the Gods Robert Moore Williams

In fact, the whole district is very interesting both to the archeologist and to the paysagiste.
Seeing Europe with Famous Authors, Volume 7 Various

Dalton looked down at the thing the archeologist had been brushing.
The Record of Currupira Robert Abernathy

a variant spelling of archaeology

alternative spelling of archaeologist. Also see ae.

alternative spelling of archaeology. Also see ae.

1824; see archaeology + -ist.


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