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Archie bunker

a poorly educated blue-collar worker, holding ultraconservative, racist, and male-chauvinist opinions.
Contemporary Examples

But in simpler terms this is Darth Vader against Archie Bunker.
Celebrity March Madness 2012: How to Pick NCAA Tournament Winners Michael Solomon March 19, 2012

Norman Lear had a crisis while filming All in the Family about people genuinely taking Archie Bunker as a role model.
The Case Against Cards Against Humanity: Is Max Temkin a Horrible Person? (Does It Matter?) Arthur Chu July 28, 2014


: He has the support of the traditional Republican establishment, and is adding the Archie Bunker vote

noun phrase

A bigoted lower-middleclass American; hard hat, redneck

[fr the name of the leading character of the television comedy series All in the Family, who exhibited the traits indicated]


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