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the head of a monastery; an abbot.
a superior abbot, having charge of several monasteries.
a title given to distinguished celibate priests.
Historical Examples

I don’t know what passed at their interview, but the archimandrite disappeared and I was detained.
The World’s Greatest Books, Vol X Various

One of them was already a bishop, another an archimandrite and on the way to become a bishop.
The Forged Coupon and Other Stories Leo Tolstoy

“Nikola, serve the rakija,” said the archimandrite a third time.
Through the Land of the Serb Mary Edith Durham

I had not realised till then that I was to sup with the archimandrite himself.
Through the Land of the Serb Mary Edith Durham

They gave me that magnificent name in honour of a kinsman, an archimandrite, to whom I am-48- indebted for nothing else.
Smoke Turgenev Ivan Sergeevich

The archimandrite (Abbot) of Spazac, who had just arrived, came with us.
The Lady of the Shroud Bram Stoker

How funny was that story about the archimandrite of Czernovitch!
Ghetto Tragedies Israel Zangwill

If they want to become Bishops they can go to the archimandrite for themselves.
King John of Jingalo Laurence Housman

They paid close attention to the counsels of the archimandrite, and died quite penitent.
The Chronicles of Newgate, v. 2/2 Arthur Griffiths

And deficiency in their demeanor was quite covered by the deportment of the archimandrite.
King John of Jingalo Laurence Housman

(Greek Orthodox Church) the head of a monastery or a group of monasteries


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