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Architecture parlante

the architecture of buildings that, in their plans or elevations, create an image that suggests their functions.


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  • Architrave

    the lowermost member of a classical entablature, resting originally upon columns. a molded or decorated band framing a panel or an opening, especially a rectangular one, as of a door or window. Historical Examples The epistyle is commonly spoken of by its Roman name, architrave. History of Ancient Art Franz von Reber The architrave, for […]

  • Archival

    of or relating to or valuable records; contained in or comprising such or records. Contemporary Examples The entire film consists of archival materials edited together into an impressionistic portrait of Nixon and his closest aides. ‘Our Nixon’ Producers Respond to Claims the Documentary Is ‘False’ Penny Lane, Brian L. Frye August 26, 2013 The archival […]

  • Archival storage

    noun a method of retaining information outside of the internal memory of a computer

  • Archive site

    archive site networking (Or “FTP site”, “FTP archive”) An Internet host where program source, documents, e-mail or news messages are stored for public access via anonymous FTP, Gopher, World-Wide Web or other document distribution system. There may be several archive sites for e.g. a Usenet newsgroup though one may be recognised as the main one. […]

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