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a male given name, form of .
a combining form meaning “rule,” “government,” forming abstract nouns usually corresponding to personal nouns ending in -arch:
monarchy; oligarchy.
Contemporary Examples

His guys are Archy, an African-American bassist who returned from the Gulf, who meets Nat, a white aficionado of vinyl.
‘Telegraph Avenue’: Michael Chabon on His Obsessive Novel of Fandom Josh Dzieza September 10, 2012

Historical Examples

Archy stepped back to the door listening, but there was not a sound.
Cutlass and Cudgel George Manville Fenn

“Oh, mamma, we’re going to the orchard to play,” said Archy.
Harper’s Young People, August 17, 1880 Various

“Waur he canna be,” muttered Sir Archy, with a significance that gave the words a very equivocal meaning.
The O’Donoghue Charles James Lever

“Damn me if I do, then, Archy,” broke in the old man roughly.
The O’Donoghue Charles James Lever

He had some difficulty in identifying himself with the man who had gone ashore with Archy Bates that evening.
Command William McFee

“Well, Archy,” said the O’Donoghue, addressing his brother-in-law.
The O’Donoghue Charles James Lever

Archy Hawkins said: “How long did you have to wait on the front steps, Pony, dear?”
The Flight of Pony Baker W. D. Howells

He ought to have joined in the laugh, and rewarded Archy on the spot for so good a witticism.
Charles I Jacob Abbott

Sir Archy, who felt in the scene a direct acknowledgment of his appeal to Heaven, drew closer to the window, and listened.
The O’Donoghue Charles James Lever

combining form
government; rule: anarchy, monarchy

word-forming element meaning “rule,” from Latin -archia, from Greek -arkhia “rule,” from arkhos “leader, chief, ruler,” from arkhe “beginning, origin, first place” (see archon).


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