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Arctic hare

a large hare, Lepus arcticus, of the Canadian Arctic whose fur is white in winter
Historical Examples

To these sources of supply are added the arctic hare, caribou (reindeer), and in fact any flesh that can be obtained.
North America Israel C. Russell

The arctic hare, on the contrary, has probably come to us from the north.
The History of the European Fauna R. F. Scharff

The arctic hare, white as snow but for the great bulging black eye, bounds over the boulders.
The Ontario Readers: Fourth Book Various

The American arctic hare is always white because he always lives among the white expanses of the Far North.
The Human Side of Animals Royal Dixon

Besides the Seals and fish, he sometimes catches an arctic hare.
The Burgess Animal Book for Children Thornton W. Burgess

It offers a parallel to the arctic hare in the fact that in some countries, such as Ireland, it only rarely turns white in winter.
The History of the European Fauna R. F. Scharff


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