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Arcuate fiber

arcuate fiber

arcuate fiber n.
Any of the nervous or tendinous fibers forming an arch between parts, such as those connecting adjacent gyri in the cerebral cortex.


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  • Arcuate ligament

    arcuate ligament arcuate ligament n. A thickening of the fascia of the lumbar quadrate muscle, between the transverse process of the first lumbar vertebra and the twelfth rib on either side, that gives attachment to a portion of the diaphragm; lateral arcuate ligament. A tendinous thickening of the fascia of the greater psoas muscle that […]

  • Arcuate nuclei

    arcuate nuclei arcuate nuclei pl.n. A variable assembly of small-cell groups on the ventral and medial aspects of the pyramid in the medulla oblongata.

  • Arcuate veins of kidney

    arcuate veins of kidney arcuate veins of kidney pl.n. The veins that parallel the arcuate arteries, receive blood from the interlobular veins and the rectal venules, and terminate in the interlobar veins.

  • Arcuate zone

    arcuate zone arcuate zone n. The inner third of the basilar membrane of the cochlear duct, from the tympanic lip of the osseous spiral lamina to the outer pillar cell of the spiral organ . Also called zona tecta.

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