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a sunken leading to a cellar or basement entrance, or in front of basement or cellar windows.
a passageway, especially one between buildings.
Historical Examples

Ten minutes later Mrs. Zwiebel recognized with a leaping heart his footsteps on the areaway.
The Competitive Nephew Montague Glass

The android, seeing his escape cut off, veered into an areaway.
Ten From Infinity Paul W. Fairman

All this while, across the street, in the shadow of an areaway, stood a man in a mackintosh and a felt hat drawn well down.
The Pagan Madonna Harold MacGrath

He was loitering opposite in the areaway of an empty residence.
We Can’t Have Everything Rupert Hughes

A lame boy was looking through the iron fence of the areaway.
Carolyn of the Corners Ruth Belmore Endicott

While I was running through the areaway I shouted to the actresses.
Chicago’s Awful Theater Horror Various

Taber pushed out through the choked entrance to the areaway and went back up the street.
Ten From Infinity Paul W. Fairman

Let’s jump down, run alongside the house by the areaway, and get out on the street.
The Little Washingtons’ Travels Lillian Elizabeth Roy

Jimmie Dale drew quickly back around the corner into an areaway.
The Adventures of Jimmie Dale Frank L. Packard

Across the way a slinking shadow left the sidewalk and blended indistinguishably with the crowded shadows of an areaway.
Red Masquerade Louis Joseph Vance

a passageway between parts of a building or between different buildings
See area (sense 7)


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