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Heraldry. the tincture or metal silver.

something silvery or white.

Obsolete, .
like ; silvery white.
Heraldry. of the tincture or metal :
a lion argent.
variant of , especially before a vowel.
Contemporary Examples

There are cotises either side of the chevron which are white (argent).
William and Kate’s New Conjugal Coat of Arms Tom Sykes September 26, 2013

Historical Examples

In heraldic language, there are bars of gules and argent, with three mullets, or stars.
Washington and the American Republic, Vol. 3. Benson J. Lossing

We had been out-fitted in London by the world-renowned firm of argent and Joy.
Brighter Britain! (Volume 1 of 2) William Delisle Hay

An argent shaft of moonlight slanting down through the foliage illumined her face.
A Knyght Ther Was Robert F. Young

On a scutcheon of pretence in the centre, argent, a lion ramp.
Notes and Queries, Number 188, June 4, 1853 Various

Clodia smiled, and her beauty emerged like the argent moon from sullen clouds.
Roads from Rome Anne C. E. Allinson

Crest; a dragon’s sinister wing, argent, charged with a cross, gules.
Memorials of Old London Various

argent, a pale per pale or, and gules: between two limbs of an oak fructed proper.
Notes and Queries, Number 167, January 8, 1853 Various

A dolphin, argent, naisant and crowned, part of the company’s arms.
Bygone London Frederick Ross

The arms of Haseley of Suffolk are: “argent, a fess gules, between three hazel-nuts or, stalks and leaves vert.”
A Complete Guide to Heraldry Arthur Charles Fox-Davies


an archaic or poetic word for silver
(as adjective; often postpositive, esp in heraldry): a bend argent


c.1300, “quicksilver, the metal mercury,” from Old French argent (11c.), from Latin argentum “silver, silver work, white money,” from PIE *arg-ent- (cf. Avestan erezata-, Old Persian ardata-, Armenian arcat, Old Irish argat, Breton arc’hant “silver”), from root *arg- “to shine; white,” thus “the shining or white metal, silver” (cf. Greek argos “white,” arguron “silver;” Sanskrit arjuna- “white, shining,” rajata- “silver,” Hittite harki- “white”). Meaning “silver, silver coin” is early 15c. in English; the adjective sense “silver-colored,” late 15c.


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