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a native or inhabitant of Argentina.
Argentina (usually preceded by the):
They vacationed in the Argentine.
of or relating to Argentina.
Contemporary Examples

In a World Cup warm-up game, the players held up a banner saying the islands were argentinean.
The Never-Ending Falklands War: In Buenos Aires, A Museum’s Selective History Michael Luongo August 29, 2014

Her mother, one of those tough, equine British blondes, left her father for an argentinean polo player when Sarah was 13.
Fergie’s Latest Flameout Tina Brown May 24, 2010

We can be Irish and argentinean, or French and Australian, or Chinese and Paraguayan, or perhaps even all of them at once.
Do National Writers Still Exist? Colum McCann November 27, 2010

Rivero, now celebrated on argentinean banknotes, remained on the Islands, fighting against the British.
The Never-Ending Falklands War: In Buenos Aires, A Museum’s Selective History Michael Luongo August 29, 2014

Mark Sanford went down in flames in 2009 when it became known that he was having an affair with an argentinean woman.
Jenny Sanford’s Warning for 2012 Presidential Wives Lois Romano May 15, 2011

But shortly thereafter, Sanford revealed he’d actually been in South America with his argentinean lover.
10 Craziest Media Hoaxes The Daily Beast Video October 16, 2009

Earlier in August, the pope called 44-year-old argentinean Alejandra Pereyra to offer his prayers.
He’ll Call You, Maybe: Pope Francis Is Surprising Flock Via Phone Barbie Latza Nadeau September 7, 2013

of, relating to, or resembling silver
any of various small marine salmonoid fishes, such as Argentina sphyraena, that constitute the family Argentinidae and are characterized by a long silvery body
the Argentine, another name for Argentina
a native or inhabitant of Argentina
of or relating to Argentina

“silver-colored,” mid-15c., from Latin argentinus “of silver,” from argentum (see argent).

“of or from Argentina,” 1830 (from 1829 as a noun); Argentinian is from 1845 as a noun; 1858 as an adjective.


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    a dark lead-gray sectile mineral, silver sulfide, Ag 2 S, occurring in crystals and as formless aggregates: an important ore of silver. Historical Examples The most important mineral of silver is the sulphide, argentite or “silver glance.” The Economic Aspect of Geology C. K. Leith In the weathering of mercury deposits, cinnabar behaves somewhat like […]

  • Argento-

    a combining form meaning “silver,” used in the formation of compound words: argento-cuprous sulfide.

  • Argentophil

    argentophil argentophil ar·gen·to·phil (är-jěn’tə-fĭl) or ar·gen·to·phile (-fīl’) adj. Argyrophil.

  • Argentous

    containing univalent silver, as argentous chloride, AgCl. adjective (chem) of or containing silver in the monovalent state

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