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any compact sedimentary rock composed mainly of clay materials; clay stone.
Historical Examples

The fact that argillite continued in use until the very last does not affect this conclusion.
Appletons’ Popular Science Monthly, July 1899 Various

Next above the Altyn lies thirty-four hundred feet of Appekunny argillite, or dull-green shale.
The Book of the National Parks Robert Sterling Yard

It is very significant that we never find one where the workman used both flint and argillite.
The Prehistoric World E. A. Allen

Sandstone may be converted into quartzite, and shale into argillite, a compact, massive clay rock.
The Elements of Geology William Harmon Norton

Here anthracitiferous coal is found in beds of argillite and sandstone.
Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 4, Part 4 Various

any argillaceous rock, esp a hardened mudstone
A highly compacted sedimentary or slightly metamorphic rock consisting primarily of particles of clay or silt. Argillite differs from mudstone in that it does not have the same fine laminations, and from shale and slate in that it is not fissile.


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