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Astronomy. a very large southern constellation, now divided into Vela, Carina, Puppis, and Pyxis, four separate constellations lying largely south of Canis Major.
(italics) Classical Mythology. the ship in which Jason sailed in quest of the Golden Fleece.
Contemporary Examples

And, speaking of politics, the Argo bandwagon has become entirely political.
‘Argo,’ ‘Silver Linings Playbook,’ ‘Lincoln’: Who Will Win On Oscar Night? Ramin Setoodeh, Marlow Stern February 19, 2013

The early frontrunner, Argo may have peaked too early, kind of like Mitt Romney did.
At the Oscars, ‘Argo’ Will Win Best Picture Ramin Setoodeh January 21, 2013

The early precursor awards that were supposed to go to Lincoln went to Argo instead.
At the Oscars, ‘Argo’ Will Win Best Picture Ramin Setoodeh January 21, 2013

Usually the Best Picture winner is a foregone conclusion by this point—did anyone really think The Artist or Argo would lose?
And the Best Picture Oscar Goes to… ‘12 Years A Slave,’ ‘Gravity,’ or ‘American Hustle?’ Kevin Fallon, Marlow Stern February 28, 2014

Yet very little about the first few minutes of Argo can be described as accurate.
What ‘Argo’ Gets Wrong About Iran Kambiz Atabai December 30, 2012

Historical Examples

But Argo did not hear, for she turned away and walked from the rail, back to her cabin.
The Jewels of Aptor Samuel R. Delany

Elza again cooked and, with Argo joining us, we had breakfast.
Tarrano the Conqueror Raymond King Cummings

The Argo darted through the opening, and, when the rocks again came into contact, they merely grazed the rudder.
Myths of Greece and Rome H. A. Guerber

We did not know; but Argo, leering up at them insolently, may have guessed.
Tarrano the Conqueror Raymond King Cummings

Argo gave us one of the small cabins to ourselves that night.
Tarrano the Conqueror Raymond King Cummings

(Greek myth) the ship in which Jason sailed in search of the Golden Fleece
noun (Latin genitive) Argus (ˈɑːɡəs)
an extensive constellation in the S hemisphere now subdivided into the smaller constellations of Puppis, Vela, Carina, and Pyxis Also called Argo Navis (ˈneɪvɪs)

name of the ship in which Jason and his companions sought the Fleece in Colchis, in Greek, literally “The Swift,” from argos “swift” (adj.), an epithet, literally “shining, bright” (see argent; cf. also Sanskrit cognate rjrah “shining, glowing, bright,” also “swift”), “because all swift motion causes a kind of glancing or flickering light” [Liddell and Scott].


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