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Chiefly South Midland and Southern U.S. to , dispute, or wrangle.
Historical Examples

It’s argufy here and argufy there, an’ while yer at that, me an’ the rest av us is squeezin’ the fun out o’ life.
Romany of the Snows Gilbert Parker

For what skill had I to argufy with a man of such infinite parts?
The Ladies E. Barrington

You’re here to dig the hole where mademoiselle chooses; not to argufy.
White Lies Charles Reade

It ain’t in me to argufy wi’ ‘ee, and, maybe, tear both our hearts.
The Soul of Susan Yellam Horace Annesley Vachell

“Miss Prue and her pa do argufy to beat the band,” Nancy remarked to Jenny the cook as she waited for hot cakes.
The Little Red Chimney Mary Finley Leonard

He locks them up in the barracks where they used to argufy and makes them jump out of the windows.
The Napoleon of the People Honore de Balzac

verb -fies, -fying, -fied
(facetious or dialect) to argue or quarrel, esp over something trivial

1751, colloquial, from argue + -fy.


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