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a term used to refer to an Argentine.
Historical Examples

He does look a bit like a man, and we could Argy with him; but that old man, and that girl—they’ll take on so.’
Fern’s Hollow Hesba Stretton

Well, Argy as you may, the place don’t look the same, now does it?
Joyce’s Investments Fannie E. Newberry

I Argy in this way; if a man iz right, he kant be too radikal; if he iz rong, he kant be too consarvatiff.
The American Joe Miller Various

He’d Argy that you c’ud look out for me, seein’ as we are chums.
A Man to His Mate J. Allan Dunn

He picked ’em up, and went back into the house to Argy Scripture with the Professor.
A Yankee from the West Opie Read

“Look here, cap’n, let’s Argy that matter a little,” said Stubbs.
Facing the World Horatio Alger

“Hain’t no time to Argy law with you,” said the Deacon impatiently.
Si Klegg, Book 5 (of 6) John McElroy

You’ll no Argy wi’ me that if a man wants to drink, he will drink.
The Turn of the Road Rutherford Mayne

When a Methodis’ talks about fallin’ from grace he has to Argy the pint.
The End Of The World Edward Eggleston

“Just go and Argy the point with him,” said Hooker, coaxingly.
Adrift in New York Horatio Alger


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