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an or melody.
an elaborate melody sung solo with accompaniment, as in an opera or oratorio.
a nymph, the mother of Miletus, by Apollo.
a suffix occurring in scientific terms of Latin origin, especially in names of biological genera and groups:
Contemporary Examples

Before this performance, the aria had never been performed on television.
7 Stunning Joan Sutherland Performances Shannon Donnelly, The Daily Beast Video October 11, 2010

But whatever their scandalous relationships are, they pale in comparison to that of aria.
Pretty Little Liars’ Student-Teacher Love Story Jaimie Etkin June 13, 2011

The basic premise of the fan fic is that Hanna, Spencer, and aria are all pregnant.
50 Shades of Fall TV: New Girl, Scandal, and More Television Fan Fiction Amy Zimmerman October 15, 2013

But the fact that aria and Ezra have yet to see any consequences of their relationship is problematic.
Pretty Little Liars’ Student-Teacher Love Story Jaimie Etkin June 13, 2011

Historical Examples

This tableau lasted nearly two minutes, with the most complete steadiness, the basso singing an aria.
Lippincott’s Magazine of Popular Literature and Science, Vol. 17, No. 97, January, 1876 Various

But when we got there no springs were to be seen, and I’aria said he must have mistaken the place.
Across Patagonia Lady Florence Dixie

When Madame Lehmann had finished her aria, she stepped down from the platform.
Vocal Mastery Harriette Brower

We soon 189 got near to the camp, and shouted to I’aria to bring us some bullets.
Across Patagonia Lady Florence Dixie

With the aria buffa, the quartet, and the finale I can safely say I am perfectly satisfied—in fact, quite delighted.
Life Of Mozart, Vol. 3 (of 3) Otto Jahn

While studying an application he sang, mezza voce, the aria from Pagliacci.
Crimes of Charity Konrad Bercovici

an elaborate accompanied song for solo voice from a cantata, opera, or oratorio See also da capo

from Italian aria, literally “air” (see air (n.1)).
aria [(ahr-ee-uh)]

A piece of music for one voice (or occasionally two voices) in an opera, oratorio, or cantata. In contrast with recitative singing, arias are melodious; in contrast with ordinary songs, arias are usually elaborate.

Note: Some composers, such as Richard Wagner, have felt that arias interrupt the action of opera too much and hence have written operas without them.

advanced range instrumented aircraft


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