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a seaport in N Chile.
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a maritime region in W South America: long in dispute between Chile and Peru; annexed by Chile 1883; divided as a result of arbitration 1929 into a Peruvian department (Tac·na) and a Chilean department (Arica)
Historical Examples

The rankling question of Tacna and Arica has been at the base of the Peruvian attitude.
The Putumayo, The Devil’s Paradise Walter Hardenburg

Arica was also watched, and the blockade was extended north of Lima.
Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 6, Slice 2 Various

The defeated army was completely dissolved, and it only remained for the Chileans to march on Arica from the land side.
Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 6, Slice 2 Various

I was by no means sure that I should find one either at Islay or Arica.
Mr. Fortescue William Westall

A landmark for miles around is the solitary rock named the Morro de Arica which towers above the town.
Journeys and Experiences in Argentina, Paraguay, and Chile Henry Stephens

In the night of the 28th, Watling with one hundred men departed from the ship in the small prize bark and boats for Arica.
History of the Buccaneers of America James Burney

On the 12th February, the moiety of the money taken at Arica was divided among the company according to their shares.
A General History and Collection of Voyages and Travels, Volume X Robert Kerr

These were all potent reasons why Chile wanted to keep its hold on Tacna and Arica.
The Hispanic Nations of the New World William R. Shepherd

I was in the streets of Arica, Peru, when the earth began to rock and reel.
Where Strongest Tide Winds Blew Robert McReynolds

The life in the barracks at Arica resembled, pretty closely, that which they had led so long on board ship.
Under Drake’s Flag G. A. Henty

a port in extreme N Chile: awarded to Chile in 1929 after the lengthy Tacna-Arica dispute with Peru; outlet for Bolivian and Peruvian trade. Pop: 180 000 (2005 est) See also Tacna-Arica
a coastal desert region of W South America, long disputed by Chile and Peru: divided in 1929 into the Peruvian department of Tacna and the Chilean department of Arica


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