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448?–385? b.c, Athenian comic dramatist.
Contemporary Examples

I turn to the ancient Greek comic author, Aristophanes, speaking at what must have seemed a similar time.
Obama Is Too Good For Us Charles Fried August 5, 2011

Historical Examples

But what Aristophanes thought and felt about the matter is just what we shall not find in this translation.
Pot-Boilers Clive Bell

I will do as you prescribe, said Aristophanes, and now get on.
Symposium Plato

Euripides has also been accused, by Aristophanes and by many less entertaining writers, of taking away all the dignity of tragedy.
The New Gresham Encyclopedia Various

And first of all Aristophanes dropped off, then, when the day was already dawning, Agathon.
Symposium Plato

Turned by Aristophanes into an apology for beating one’s father, Nub.
The Tragedies of Euripides, Volume I. Euripides

Here we have the old father, a heart of oak, like the old Acharnian in Aristophanes.
Cyropaedia Xenophon

Hence the utter valuelessness to us of to-day of the comedies of Aristophanes as works of wit.
Lectures on Russian Literature Ivan Panin

Aristophanes derided all which was serious in the Athenian social system.
Folkways William Graham Sumner

We are well acquainted with the character of the Old Comedy, in its greatest freedom, through the writings of Aristophanes.
A History of Caricature and Grotesque Thomas Wright

?448–?380 bc, Greek comic dramatist, who satirized leading contemporary figures such as Socrates and Euripides. Eleven of his plays are extant, including The Clouds, The Frogs, The Birds, and Lysistrata
Aristophanes [(ar-i-stof-uh-neez)]

An ancient Greek dramatist, the author of such comedies as The Clouds and Lysistrata.


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