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to express in arithmetic form


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  • Arithmocracy

    noun rule by the numerical majority of the population Word Origin Greek arithmos ‘number’ Historical Examples arithmocracy, ar-ith-mok′ras-i, n. a democracy of mere numbers. Chambers’s Twentieth Century Dictionary (part 1 of 4: A-D) Various n. “rule by numerical majority,” 1850, from Greek arithmos “number, counting, amount” (see arithmetic) + -cracy. Related: Arithmocratic; arithmocratical.

  • Arithmomania

    noun a passion for numbers, counting; compulsive counting Word Origin Greek arithmos ‘number’ n. “compulsive desire to count objects and make calculations,” 1890, from French arithmomanie, from Greek arithmos “number, counting, amount” (see arithmetic) + French -manie (see mania). Related: Arithmomaniac.

  • Arithmomaniac

    noun one who counts compulsively Word Origin Greek arithmos ‘number’

  • Arius

    died a.d. 336, Christian priest at Alexandria: founder of Arianism. Ancient name of . a river in NW Afghanistan, NE Iran, and S Turkmenistan, flowing W and then N to the Kara Kum desert. 700 miles (1126 km) long. Contemporary Examples Enraged by what Arius was saying, Nicholas grabbed Arius by the beard and punched […]

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