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A RISC microprocessor architecture from Advanced RISC Machines Ltd. (ARM). Building upon the ARM6 family, the goal of the ARM7 design was to offer higher levels of raw compute performance at even lower levels of power consumption. The ARM7 architecture is now (Dec 1994) the most powerful low voltage RISC processor available on the market.
The ARM7 offers several architectural extensions which address specific market needs, encompassing fast multiply and innovative embedded ICE support. Software development tools are available.
The ARM7 architecture is made up of a core CPU plus a range of system peripherals which can be added to a CPU core to give a complete system on a chip, e.g. 4K or 8K cache, Memory Management Unit, Write Buffer, coprocessor interface, ICEbreaker embedded ICE support and JTAG boundary scan. The ARM710 microprocessor is built around the ARM7 core.


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    arm7500 processor An ARM7 core with I/O and VIDC20 all on one integrated circuit. (1994-09-23)

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    arm710 processor A 32-bit RISC microprocessor based on the ARM7 processor core designed by Advanced RISC Machines Ltd. The A710 is the successor to the ARM610 processor. It was released in July 1994 by VLSI Technology Inc. The ARM710 can run at 40MHz (fastest sample 55MHz) dissipating 500mW with a 5V supply or 25MHz with […]

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