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Biology. the protective covering of an animal or plant, or any part serving for defense or offense.

the part of an electric machine that includes the main current-carrying winding and in which the electromotive force is induced.
the pivoted part of an electric device, as a buzzer or relay, that is activated by a magnetic field.
the iron or steel applied across the poles of a permanent magnet to close it, or across the poles of an electromagnet to transmit a mechanical force.

Sculpture. a skeletal framework built as a support on which a clay, wax, or plaster figure is constructed.
Contemporary Examples

But Tarzan is also the armature for a heady display which reaches way beyond the simple chronicling of a pop phenomenon.
The Original Sexy Beast Anthony Haden-Guest July 1, 2009

Historical Examples

Let A represent the armature, with a pair of grooves (B) for the wires.
Electricity for Boys J. S. Zerbe

The voltage then depends on the speed at which the armature is driven.
Electricity for the farm Frederick Irving Anderson

In the motor the armature, in turn, is rotated by this current.
Steam Steel and Electricity James W. Steele

They differ in the armature of their cones and in their seed-wings.
The Genus Pinus George Russell Shaw

During the normal operation of the lamp the armature lever L remains practically stationary, in the position shown in Fig. 283.
The inventions, researches and writings of Nikola Tesla Thomas Commerford Martin

The heels of all are armed, though their armature is as varied as the costumes.
The War Trail Mayne Reid

The magneto is the usual six-cylinder form having the armature geared to revolve at one and one-half times crank-shaft speed.
Aviation Engines Victor Wilfred Pag

Simple, Simplex: without process, armature, or appendage of any kind.
Explanation of Terms Used in Entomology John. B. Smith

As armature, commutator, and shaft rotate, the brushes connect first with one segment of the commutator and then with the other.
General Science Bertha M. Clark

a revolving structure in an electric motor or generator, wound with the coils that carry the current
any part of an electric machine or device that moves under the influence of a magnetic field or within which an electromotive force is induced
Also called keeper. a soft iron or steel bar placed across the poles of a permanent magnet to close the magnetic circuit
such a bar placed across the poles of an electromagnet to transmit mechanical force
(sculpture) a framework to support the clay or other material used in modelling
the protective outer covering of an animal or plant
(archaic) armour

c.1400, “an armed force,” from Latin armatura “armor, equipment,” from armatus, past participle of armare “to arm, furnish with weapons” from arma (see arm (n.2)). Meaning “armor” is mid-15c.; that of “protective covering of a plant or animal” is from 1660s. Electromagnetic sense is from 1835.

The part of an electric motor or generator that consists of wire wound around an iron core and carries an electric current. In motors and generators using direct current, the armature rotates within a magnetic field; in motors and generators using alternating current a magnetic field is rotated about the armature.

A piece of soft iron connecting the poles of a magnet.

The part of an electromagnetic device, such as a relay or loudspeaker, that moves or vibrates.


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