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Armed forces day

the third Saturday in May, observed in some areas of the U.S. as a holiday in honor of all branches of the armed forces.


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  • F.a.l.n.

    Armed Forces of National Liberation: a militant underground organization whose objective is independence for Puerto Rico.

  • Armed neutrality

    military preparedness without commitment, especially as the expressed policy of a neutral nation in wartime; readiness to counter with force an invasion of rights by any belligerent power. Historical Examples It was again restored on the dissolution of the armed neutrality. The Every Day Book of History and Chronology Joel Munsell After that, there was […]

  • Armed response unit

    noun (in Britain) a unit of police officers who are trained to use firearms in situations where unarmed police officers would be in danger

  • Armed response vehicle

    noun (in Britain) a police vehicle carrying armed officers who are trained to respond to incidents involving firearms

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