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as much as a person can hold or carry in an or both .
Informal. a girl or woman with a well-rounded figure.
Informal. an obstreperous child; handful.
Historical Examples

Nor did he move when Nest brought the armful of dry clothes.
The Doom of the Griffiths Elizabeth Gaskell

Wentworth reentered, followed by the Earl’s valet carrying an armful of garments.
Mistress Wilding Rafael Sabatini

He came out with his armful of coats and trousers, and threw them on the bed.
April Hopes William Dean Howells

It had been Luke who received the armful of flowers sent anonymously.
The Gorgeous Girl Nalbro Bartley

I saw near me a live coal dislodged from the fire when Thrackles had thrown on the armful of wood.
The Mystery Stewart Edward White and Samuel Hopkins Adams

She had forgotten to bring in an armful from the pile over by the sugar-boiler.
The House in the Water Charles G. D. Roberts

Lucile had been sent by “Rennie,” the head sales-lady of juveniles, to this dark section for an armful of books.
The Crimson Thread Roy J. Snell

“But I want so to give him these things,” and Elsie clasps tightly her armful of treasures.
Golden Moments Anonymous

A tall girl burst into the room, dropping an armful of books, and sprang to Miss Reid.
The Bacillus of Beauty Harriet Stark

You wait until I get an armful of rocks and I’ll beat some of their heads off!
The Call of the Beaver Patrol V. T. Sherman

noun (pl) -fuls
the amount that can be held by one or both arms


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