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an opening in a garment, for the arm.
Historical Examples

In the 31st and 51st rows, k the 6th and 7th st from the armhole edge together to decrease a little to shape for the waist.
Needlework Economies Various

Measure the width of chest from side to side, just at the armhole in front.
Clothing and Health Helen Kinne

When he walks, he puts the thumb of each hand into the armhole of his waistcoat, and moves along stiffly, with a knock-kneed gait.
Passages From The American Notebooks, Volume 1 Nathaniel Hawthorne

Still silently, I pulled out with my thumb through the armhole of my vest the police badge pinned to the suspender.
The Million-Dollar Suitcase Alice MacGowan

A pretty little crochet edge around the neck and armhole will complete this comfortable little vest.
The Library of Work and Play: Needlecraft Effie Archer Archer

They were made without sleeves, like a waistcoat, and an epaulette overhung the armhole.
English Costume Dion Clayton Calthrop

The back and front are edged with two volants; and a third, passing over the armhole, forms a sort of sleeve.
The International Monthly, Volume 4, No. 3, October, 1851 Various

Crevel’s thumb moved from his armhole, he placed his hand on the work-table, he abandoned his attitude, he smiled!
Cousin Betty Honore de Balzac

Then pin the sleeve caps, cut according to Fig. 222, around the outer edge of the armhole.
Little Folks’ Handy Book Lina Beard

His left thumb was stuck in the armhole of his flowered satin waistcoat, black and shiny.
The Story of a New York House Henry Cuyler Bunner

the opening in an article of clothing through which the arm passes and to which a sleeve is often fitted


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