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Kenneth, 1916–2002, English sculptor.
Contemporary Examples

He said he had seen the recent articles and was “working hard on Powell and Armitage.”
Rumsfeld, Still Defiant Howard Kurtz February 1, 2011

Historical Examples

She had not dared to love Miss Armitage in this fashion in the beginning.
A Modern Cinderella Amanda M. Douglas

Then for the first time noticing Dr. Armitage, he addressed him courteously.
Three People Pansy

Miss Armitage gave her patient the second dose of her medicine and she closed her eyes.
A Modern Cinderella Amanda M. Douglas

No help for it, I fear,” answered Armitage; “what do you say, Pierre?
Adventures in the Far West W.H.G. Kingston

I had not been in town two days, when Armitage rushed in one evening, glad to see me, and brimful of news.
The Catholic World, Vol. X, October 1869 Various

I have said but little about the Indians accompanying Armitage.
Adventures in the Far West W.H.G. Kingston

My name is not Armitage, although I have been so called for some time.
The Children of the New Forest Captain Marryat

At last Armitage and Story came in, but Charley did not make his appearance.
Adventures in the Far West W.H.G. Kingston

Mrs. Armitage stood in front of her niece, and eyed her with a critical gaze.
Dr. Rumsey’s Patient L. T. Mead

Simon (Robert). born 1963, British poet and writer, whose collections include Zoom! (1989), Killing Time (1999), and Universal Home Doctor (2002)


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