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a large wardrobe or movable cupboard, with doors and shelves.
Historical Examples

It seemed such a small brown spot, in such haste, dipping between the candles on the armoire.
When the Owl Cries Paul Bartlett

He turned on his side and watched the sunbeam as it crept up the face of the armoire.
Fort Amity Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch

I want you to see an armoire that he has carved, it is up in our exhibition room.
Stories of a Western Town Octave Thanet

He puffed out a candle and watched her bend over another atop the armoire.
When the Owl Cries Paul Bartlett

In the corner of a panel in the armoire he bored two small holes and blew away the dust that fell from them.
The Secret of the Silver Car Wyndham Martyn

Opening the armoire, she took out a box of exquisitely inlaid woods, and placed it upon the table.
Flora Adair, Vol. 2 (of 2) A. M. Donelan

He had supposed it to be left behind in the armoire at Boisveyrac.
Fort Amity Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch

And the clever hussy drew from her armoire a little dagger, which she knew how to use with great skill when necessary.
Droll Stories, Complete Honore de Balzac

It certainly contains no weapons, so cannot be an armoury, and we conjecture that her word must be a corruption of armoire.
Penelope’s Experiences in Scotland Kate Douglas Wiggin

Then taking a cloak from the armoire he enveloped himself in it, so as to completely hide the jeweled scabbard.
Robert Tournay William Sage

a large cabinet, originally used for storing weapons

1570s, from French armoire, from Old French armarie (12c.) “cupboard, bookcase, reliquary,” from Latin armarium “closet, chest, place for implements or tools,” from arma “gear, tools, arms” (see arm (n.2)). Before being reborrowed from French, the word earlier was in English as ambry (late 14c.).


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