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Army-navy store

a retail store selling a stock of surplus army, naval, and other military apparel and goods, often at bargain rates.


Read Also:

  • Army of occupation

    an army occupying conquered territory to maintain order and to ensure the carrying out of peace or armistice terms.

  • Army of the potomac

    Union forces, trained and organized by Gen. George B. McClellan, that guarded Washington, D.C., against a Confederate invasion across the Potomac and fought battles in the eastern sector during the Civil War. Confederate forces from the Alexandria, Potomac, and Shenandoah districts from mid–1861 to mid–1862: later known as Army of Northern Virginia.

  • Army of the united states

    the army or armies referred to in the U.S. Constitution, especially consisting of the Regular Army, National Guard, and Army Reserve.

  • Army strawberries

    army strawberries noun phrase Prunes (WWII)

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