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Thomas Augustine, 1710–78, English composer of operas and songs.
Contemporary Examples

And it is absolutely appropriate for the president and Education Secretary Arne Duncan to be intently focused on doing just that.
John Legend: Bill Maher, You’re Wrong on Education John Legend March 15, 2010

“I wanted him to represent Wall Street, but Arne got me Rothschild,” Samaras says, referring to Evelyn de Rothschild.
VIP Portrait Show Judith H. Dobrzynski November 11, 2010

Arne Duncan’s Race to the Top program handed out almost $5 billion to promote these ideas.
Stop Trashing Teachers! Diane Ravitch September 28, 2010

Arne Glimcher on China’s continued rise in the art market in the face of the global meltdown.
How China Conquered the Art World Arne Glimcher March 10, 2009

Among the excommunicated is the former two-term Republican Governor Arne Carlson.
Minnesota’s Bachmannization John Avlon March 25, 2011

Historical Examples

Great interest was excited by the revival, more especially on account of the fact that Arne had prepared new music for the songs.
Dr. Arne and Rule, Britannia William Hayman Cummings

Arne asked me whether I would have his son Halfdan for a son-in-law.
Modern Icelandic Plays Jhann Sigurjnsson

Then Arne seated himself under a hazel-bush; and Aasa, the girl who had told the first tale, came over to him.
Arne; A Sketch of Norwegian Country Life Bjrnstjerne Bjrnson

Arne and I are friends from old times, and I have as good as given him my word.
Modern Icelandic Plays Jhann Sigurjnsson

Arne knew the pin; for it was the same that had fastened the weather vane.
Arne: Early Tales and Sketches Bjornstjerne Bjornson

Thomas (Augustine). 1710–78, English composer, noted for his setting of Shakespearean songs and for his song Rule Britannia


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