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any composite plant of the genus Arnica, having opposite leaves and yellow flower heads.
a tincture of the flowers of A. montana, of Europe, and other species of Arnica, formerly used as an external application in sprains and bruises.
Historical Examples

In case of a burn or bruise, &c., wet a cloth in the arnica and lay it on the part affected.
Mrs. Hale’s Receipts for the Million Sarah Josepha Hale

Free applications of arnica or iodine will have an excellent effect.
Searchlights on Health: Light on Dark Corners B.G. Jefferis

There are a good many kinds of arnica, natives of the northern hemisphere.
Field Book of Western Wild Flowers Margaret Armstrong

Oil of arnica is an excellent application for inflamed Piles.
An Epitome of Homeopathic Healing Art B. L. Hill

arnica 3d should be given immediately, and the nostrils wet with strongly arnicated water.
An Epitome of Homeopathic Healing Art B. L. Hill

There was an atmosphere of arnica and dejection in the house when we got there.
At Good Old Siwash George Fitch

During the paroxysm of bleeding, arnica should be used, one dose repeated in a half hour if it continues.
An Epitome of Homeopathic Healing Art B. L. Hill

My knee he bandaged with arnica, after bathing it a long while with warm water.
White Dandy; or, Master and I Velma Caldwell Melville

Jerrold’s head was bound in a bandage wet with arnica and water.
From the Ranks Charles King

I have hitherto been successful in all cases by using tincture of arnica.
Troy and its Remains Henry (Heinrich) Schliemann

any N temperate or arctic plant of the genus Arnica, typically having yellow flowers: family Asteraceae (composites)
the tincture of the dried flower heads of any of these plants, esp A. montana, used in treating bruises

plant genus of the borage family, 1753, Modern Latin, of unknown origin. Klein suggests Arabic arnabiyah, a name of a type of plant, as the ultimate source.


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