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having an ; fragrant or sweet-scented; odoriferous.
Chemistry. of or relating to an or compounds.
a plant, drug, or medicine yielding a fragrant , as sage or certain spices and oils.
Historical Examples

This same person once said that his wife had had a “historical” fit, in consequence of eating “aromatically” sealed salmon.
A Popular Account of the Manners and Customs of India Charles Acland

having a distinctive, usually fragrant smell
(of an organic compound) having an unsaturated ring containing alternating double and single bonds, esp containing a benzene ring; exhibiting aromaticity Compare aliphatic
something, such as a plant or drug, giving off a fragrant smell

c.1400, aromatyk, from Middle French aromatique (14c.), from Latin aromaticus, from Greek aromatikos, from aroma (genitive aromatos) “seasoning, sweet spice,” of unknown origin.

aromatic ar·o·mat·ic (ār’ə-māt’ĭk)

Having an agreeable, somewhat pungent, spicy odor.

Of, relating to, or containing one or more six-carbon rings characteristic of the benzene series and related organic groups.

Any of a group of vegetable-derived drugs having a fragrant odor and slight stimulative properties.ar’o·mat’i·cal·ly adv.

Relating to an organic compound containing at least one benzene ring or similar ring-shaped component. Naphthalene and TNT are aromatic compounds. Compare aliphatic.


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