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the sounding of the notes of a chord in rapid succession instead of simultaneously.
a chord thus sounded.
Historical Examples

The most essential figures which Beethoven employs are built upon the scale and the arpeggio.
Beethoven: A Memoir (2nd Ed.) Elliott Graeme

The study ends with the arpeggio passage as at the beginning.
Nicolo Paganini: His Life and Work Stephen Samuel Stratton

There can never be too much practice of a scale or arpeggio exercise.
Great Singers on the Art of Singing James Francis Cooke

This noise was not repeated, and by a treble rap I mean the sound was like an arpeggio chord.
The Alleged Haunting of B—- House Various

Scale and arpeggio passages were absolutely clean and without a flaw.
Memories of a Musical Life William Mason

If due attention be given to the intonation of the arpeggio, the scale should not be, as it too often is, all out of tune.
The Boy’s Voice J. Spencer Curwen

Or, to lessen fatigue, is an occasional rise and fall of the wrist permissible in a long passage of scale or arpeggio?
Piano Playing Josef Hofmann

He was unequaled in producing pizzicatos with the left hand, arpeggio passages, the tremolo, and the gettato.
Ole Bull Sara C. Bull

I amused myself by playing an arpeggio when Schikaneder came to a pause.
Life Of Mozart, Vol. 3 (of 3) Otto Jahn

Begin by making the class sing them in arpeggio, and in a definite rhythm, so as to get precision.
Music As A Language Ethel Home

noun (pl) -gios
a chord whose notes are played in rapid succession rather than simultaneously
an ascending and descending figuration used in practising the piano, voice, etc

1742, from Italian arpeggio, from arpeggiare “to play upon the harp,” from arpa “harp,” which is of Germanic origin (see harp (n.)). Related: Arpeggiated; arpeggiation.


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