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(used as an expression of surprise or excitement.)
Historical Examples

arrah sure, captain, an’ don’t you know that sometimes vessels is bound to sail under saycret ordhers?
Stories of Comedy Various

“arrah, now, I thought we should have had some little fun at all events,” he exclaimed.
Hurricane Hurry W.H.G. Kingston

“arrah, none of ye’r soft solder with me,” responded Mr. Costigan.
The Fortunes of Hector O’Halloran, And His Man Mark Antony O’Toole W. H. Maxwell

arrah, my man,” shouted Sam, “and what are ye doing inside there?
Winter Adventures of Three Boys Egerton R. Young

arrah, don’t be comin’ over us in regard of your riches, man alive!
The Poor Scholar William Carleton

arrah, now, you unmannerly brutes, just behave properly to a gentleman!
The Three Lieutenants W.H.G. Kingston

arrah murtheration how heavy ye’s is,’ said he as he assisted to remove the bodies.
Fanny Campbell, The Female Pirate Captain Maturin Murray Ballou

arrah ye’ll not know Ballymurky afther the Kaiser has done with it.
Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 147, November 18, 1914 Various

arrah, maybe I’d make bould to take up the manners from you fwhor a while, my lady, Plase yer haner?
Phil Purcel, The Pig-Driver; The Geography Of An Irish Oath; The Lianhan Shee William Carleton

“arrah, he ‘s too weak; the man is dying,” said a voice near.
Tom Burke Of “Ours”, Volume I (of II) Charles James Lever

supposedly a characteristic Irish expression of emotion or excitement, 1705.


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