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to place in proper or desired order; marshal:
Napoleon arrayed his troops for battle.
to clothe with garments, especially of an ornamental kind; dress up; deck out:
She arrayed herself in furs and diamonds.
order or arrangement, as of troops drawn up for battle.
military force, especially a body of troops.
a large and impressive grouping or organization of things:
He couldn’t dismiss the array of facts.
regular order or arrangement; series:
an array of figures.
a large group, number, or quantity of people or things:
an impressive array of scholars; an imposing array of books.
attire; dress:
in fine array.
an arrangement of interrelated objects or items of equipment for accomplishing a particular task:
thousands of solar cells in one vast array.
Mathematics, Statistics.

an arrangement of a series of terms according to value, as from largest to smallest.
an arrangement of a series of terms in some geometric pattern, as in a matrix.

Computers. a block of related data elements, each of which is usually identified by one or more subscripts.
Radio. .
Contemporary Examples

Dozens of black plastic bags with human bodies were arrayed along the highway.
In the Killing Fields of Ukraine with Children Who Saw the MH17 Horror Anna Nemtsova July 19, 2014

arrayed over four acres, the 3,500 panels have a combined generation capacity of one megawatt.
Sun+Water= High Tech Caribbean Luxury At The Cusinart Resort The Daily Beast June 10, 2014

She, slightly taller, is arrayed all in white—creamy slacks and a virgin wool sweater.
Neal Schon and Michaele Salahi Are Tying the Knot and You Can Pay to Watch Lloyd Grove December 6, 2013

For this service he arrayed himself in an old-fashioned frock coat with long skirts.
The Stacks: H.L. Mencken on the 1904 Baltimore Fire H.L. Mencken October 3, 2014

You are arrayed against incredible power, which can come at you in different ways.
How the Wall Street Protesters Win Lee Siegel October 13, 2011

Historical Examples

Mrs Turner, at her execution, was arrayed in a ruff stiffened with the material for the invention of which she was so famous.
Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal, No. 442 Various

We are not all arrayed in two opposite ranks; the offensive and the defensive.
Life And Adventures Of Martin Chuzzlewit Charles Dickens

So there he was, arrayed in jaunty cap, and a swallow-tailed coat with brass buttons.
Our American Holidays: Lincoln’s Birthday Various

In the evening Florent was arrayed in new clothes from head to foot.
The Fat and the Thin Emile Zola

Lotty retired and arrayed herself in her quietest and most sober dress, a costume in some brown stuff, with a bonnet to match.
In Luck at Last Walter Besant

an impressive display or collection
an orderly or regular arrangement, esp of troops in battle order
(poetic) rich clothing; apparel
(maths) a sequence of numbers or symbols in a specified order
(maths) a set of numbers or symbols arranged in rows and columns, as in a determinant or matrix
(electronics) an arrangement of aerials spaced to give desired directional characteristics, used esp in radar
(law) a panel of jurors
the arming of military forces
(computing) a regular data structure in which individual elements may be located by reference to one or more integer index variables, the number of such indices being the number of dimensions in the array
verb (transitive)
to dress in rich attire; adorn
to arrange in order (esp troops for battle); marshal
(law) to draw up (a panel of jurors)

early 14c., from stem of Old French areer “to put in order,” from Vulgar Latin *ar-redare (source of Italian arredare), from Latin ad- “to” (see ad-) + Frankish *ræd- “ready” or some cognate Germanic source, from Proto-Germanic *raidjan “to place in order” (cf. Gothic garadis, Old English geræde “ready;” see ready (adj.)). Related: Arrayed; arraying.

mid-14c., “order, arrangement,” from Anglo-French arrai, Old French aroi, from areer (see array (v.)).

Mathematics A rectangular arrangement of quantities in rows and columns, as in a matrix.

Numerical data ordered in a linear fashion, by magnitude.


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