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Arresting gear

any mechanism or device for bringing something to a stop, as an airplane landing on an aircraft carrier.


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  • Arrestingly

    attracting or capable of attracting attention or interest; striking: an arresting smile. making or having made an : the arresting officer. Contemporary Examples Most arrestingly, he also reveals the grace that can miraculously inhabit affliction. Oliver Sacks on The Mind’s Eye and Neurological Afflictions Jamie Holmes November 12, 2010 Historical Examples His face, now bristling […]

  • Arrestive

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  • Arrestment

    to seize (a person) by legal authority or warrant; take into custody: The police arrested the burglar. to catch and hold; attract and fix; engage: The loud noise arrested our attention. to check the course of; stop; slow down: to arrest progress. Medicine/Medical. to control or stop the active progress of (a disease): The new […]

  • Arrestor

    Also, arrestor. a person or thing that . Electricity, . noun a person who arrests a thing that stops or checks motion, esp a mechanism of wires for slowing aeroplanes as they land on an aircraft carrier

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