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Arrhenius-madsen theory

arrhenius-madsen theory

Arrhenius-Madsen theory Ar·rhe·ni·us-Mad·sen theory (ə-rē’nē-əs-mād’sən, ə-rā’-)
The theory that the reaction of an antigen with its antibody is a reversible reaction.


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  • Arrhenophobia

    noun a fear of male offspring

  • Arrhenoblastoma

    arrhenoblastoma arrhenoblastoma ar·rhe·no·blas·to·ma (ār’ə-nō-blā-stō’mə, ə-rē’nō-) n. An ovarian tumor that contains luteinized cells and immature testicular tubules and that may result in masculinization.

  • Arrhenotoky

    parthenogenesis in which only males are produced. Historical Examples arrhenotoky: parthenogenetic reproduction when the progeny are all males: see thelyotoky and deuterotoky. Explanation of Terms Used in Entomology John. B. Smith

  • Arrhinia

    arrhinia arrhinia ar·rhin·i·a (ə-rĭn’ē-ə, ə-rī’nē-ə) n. The congenital absence of the nose. Also called arhinia.

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